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About Daniel

Daniel has always loved Fashion Design.He graduated from Sydneys Whitehouse Institute of Design where he was awarded a further scholarship to complete his Master's at the world renowned Accademia Italiana Arte Della Moda Design Institute in Florence,Italy.

After graduating Daniel further developed his craft consulting at various high end designers in Europe before embarking on his own journey launching the DANIEL AVAKIAN brand at Australian Fashion Week.

In his latest project Daniel and his team have developed the technology and the supply chain to allow us to capture a 3D Bodyscan in the privacy of your own home or here in store before using that scan to determine the precise measurements of every curve just like Daniel was there taking the measurements himself as he's done for celebrities such as: 

• The Bachelorette
• Charlie Sheen
• Mel B
• Jennifer Hawkins
• and many more

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Who We Are

DANIEL AVAKIAN is a renowned Australian fashion designer. His designs have been worn by celebrities and style icons both nationally and internationally for over a decade.

DANIEL AVAKIAN has recently launched DA CUSTOM, a revolutionary new concept that utilises 3D Bodyscan technology to create the ultimate custom fit clothing. DA CUSTOM designs are tailored to suit your corporate 

Our dedicated DANIEL AVAKIAN 
team is meticulous throughout the creative and
production process, from the boardroom fitting
right through to the delivery of our garments 
to you.

Our Inspiration. Your Style.

 Customise your looks with our selection of luxury fabrics.

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We're excited to partner with Cameron and BCU to bring distribution of this exciting program to Geelong!

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