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Bring your fashion ideas
to life in a heartbeat,


DA CUSTOM is a cutting edge technological platform that revolutionises the way fashion is designed, refined, produced and marketed.

For designers, brands and influencers, it means simplifying the entire production process, so you can take your ideas to market in a fraction of the time. And for fashion-lovers, it means getting access to entirely unique, custom-made fashion from anywhere in the world - all without leaving home.

Realise your wildest ideas, with

Real-Time fashion

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Say goodbye to the laborious, time consuming and inaccurate sampling process. DA CUSTOM can turn your ideas into tangible products in real time - allowing you to refine your designs more efficiently than ever before.


Eliminate waste

with on-demand manufacturing.

Create unique pieces with no unnecessary sampling, no waiting around, and no back and forth. With DA CUSTOM, your prototypes can be produced on whatever scale you want, quickly and cost-effectively. Order only what you need, and save precious time, energy and resources in the process. Reduce your carbon footprint, and create a sustainable and ethical fashion business.

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Personalise the process

with 3D body scanning and configuration. 

For fashion-lovers, DA CUSTOM acts as the ultimate virtual fitting room. Thanks to remote 3D scanning, pattern making and hyper-real avatars, you can see exactly hoe garments look on your body and have them tailored to fit your precise measurements.

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product image

"DA CUSTOM is a true game-changer, enabling designers to scale both product offering and customer base without significant infrastructure funding or management. I've been proud to pioneer the technology to create DA CUSTOM, a virtual tailoring experience that gives my customers an unprecedented degree of personalisation and engagement.

The future is here,
and it's now."

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