To grasp the experience and learn how DΛNIEL ΛVΛKIΛN can remotely capture your measurements for size recommendations worldwide, follow the instructions below.

Intelligent Technology Made Easy

Start customising your fit with DΛNIEL ΛVΛKIΛN from a smart digital body measurement solution right away. No setup, integration, or app download required. The 3D Bodyscan is simple, your data protected and you can now create your perfect design and perfect fit yourself with DΛNIEL ΛVΛKIΛN.

Body Measurements from 2 photos from Anywhere in the World from your Smartphone

Cutting-edge technology meticulously identifies vital body landmarks from customer photos, meticulously constructing a detailed 3D body model that yields a comprehensive array of 86 measurements. By scrutinising essential features like body contour, shape, and positioning, the system adeptly detects specific body parts—head, neck, shoulders, forearms, and ankles—while also capturing nuanced details of the user's appearance, including hairstyle and skin tone so DΛNIEL ΛVΛKIΛN creates the Perfect Fit.

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! - 3D Model processing and measurements extraction. More accurate than a tape measure

The 3D Bodyscan process works by meticulously analysing crucial body landmarks from your photographs, employing a sophisticated process to craft a highly detailed 3D model. This intricate model not only enables us to discern and encapsulate essential body shape characteristics for precise size recommendations but also allows us to recommend a larger or smaller size, aligning with the intended fit of the product. Our 3D model generation pipeline exhibits exceptional resilience, accommodating even shoppers with older smartphone cameras. Don't worry your data is protected, your photographs are translated into a 'greyed out' avatar of your actual body shape - and that's all we need to Create Your Perfect Fit.